Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal

The Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal

Sir Edmund Hillary


Deadline: September 30, 1917

Nominations for the ninth Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal Are Now Being Accepted

The Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal is awarded for remarkable service in the conservation of culture and nature in mountainous regions. It is intended both to honor the humanitarian work of Sir Edmund Hillary and also to encourage the emulation of that work.

The Medal presentation event is an essential part of the mission of the SEHMLM project, and the successful candidate for the ninth Hillary Medal must participate in a ceremony in Pokhara, Nepal, on December 11 (International Mountain Day) 2017. He or she will be invited to present a slide or video talk on work already accomplished and plans for the future, and in addition may be the featured moderator of a pertinent workshop on December 12.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure entails three phases.

Preliminary Statement and Screening: Either the candidate or another person submits a concise statement of the work in question. This should include affiliation and/or collaborator(s), chronological summary or work, sites and beneficiaries, objectives, and results to date.

Vetting: If the preliminary statement indicates a record that appears to be worthy of the SEHMLM, the candidate will be notified and asked for further information. Ordinarily this will include a more detailed narrative, documentation of claims, and, if possible, a short video describing the project(s) and showing the context and results of the work.

Selection: The SEHMLM Selection Committee will review the complete dossiers of current candidates, evaluate them independently, discuss their findings by email, and select the Medalist.

Candidates not successful in one round may be reconsidered in a subsequent year; they may also be selected for commendation in a list of Honorable Mentions cited at the presentation event. Being cited for Honorable Mention does not affect an individual's likelihood of subsequent selection as SEHML Medalist.

Eligibility Criteria

The Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal is awarded for remarkable service in the conservation of culture and nature in mountainous regions.

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Explanatory Notes

  1. Inhabited refers to permanent and/or seasonal settlement by indigenous peoples. It does not refer to transient outsiders such as tourists or researchers.
  2. Organisations as such are not eligible to receive this Medal. However, individuals working within an organisation are eligible.
  3. Nominators should present the nominee's achievements in an accurate and persuasive fashion. In theory Sir Edmund Hillary's work established the model of development and conservation work for which the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal is awarded, although there is considerable flexibility due to the variable nature of Hillary's own projects as well as the changing circumstances in mountainous regions. Key elements of the Hillary Model are community buy-in, sustained involvement, and an appreciation of the opportunities for recreational adventure and development adventure in mountains. Nominators should make the case that the work in question is consistent with the Hillary Model.
  4. As a matter of due diligence, the Selection Committee will make every effort to verify submitted information and seek out additional corroborating evidence.
  5. Preliminary nominations for the 2018 Medal must be received by August 1, 2016.
  6. The successful nominee will be notified of the 2018 award in early December 2016.
  7. The Hillary Medal Selection Committee is not obliged to award the Medal in any given year if the Selection Committee deems that no candidate meets the eligibility criteria and/or that sufficient supporting or verifiable evidence of a nominee's achievements have not been made available.

Inquiries and nominations should submitted by email to Dr. Seth Sicroff, SEHMLM Project Director, at

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